Q: Do I need an appointment for a wig consultation?

                         A:  Yes! It is best to call 613.224.7206 or email info@caralyns.com to request an appointment, as these consults are done in private rooms.



Q: Is a wig my only option if my hair is thinning?

A: No, there are several options available other than a wig. Our specialists are trained to assess your needs and provide the best solution for you.

Q: Will my wig fall off when I wear it?

A: It is important to have a wig that fits your head properly; our specialists will always ensure that your wig is fitted to your head. Wigs are fabricated to sit properly on your head and sometimes they need the aid of a wig liner or adjustments for added comfort and/or grip.

Q: Can I swim with my wig on?

A: Unfortunately not, if the wig is worn underwater it could fall off and will most definitely compromise the integrity of the hair.

Q: Can I curl my synthetic wig?

A: Unfortunately man-made fibres can not be styled with hot tools. Synthetic wigs are designed to maintain their original shape.

Q: Will my wig stop my hair from growing?

A: No your hair will continue to grow under your wig. Hair grows out of a follicle that is below the skin surface which is fed from your bloodstream; therefore a wig will not stop your hair from growing.

Q: How long will I wear my wig after chemotherapy?

A: We tell our clients to expect to wear their wig for 9-12 months. It is slow-growing hair as the chemicals are still in the body. The products for the scalp and treatments we offer our clients help accelerate new hair growth while purifying and balancing the PH of the scalp while the hair grows in.

Q: Will my hair grow back curly after chemotherapy?

A: Often the new hair has a soft uncut edge that curls. Once the hair matures and is trimmed the hair usually returns to its original state. It is impossible to know exactly how the hair will return; sometimes it may grow in with less density than before and sometimes even a different colour.

Q: Will I lose my eyebrows and eyelashes during treatment?

A: The hair on your scalp will fall first. Eyebrows and eyelashes thin during treatment but not everyone will lose all of them. If you do lose your eyebrows one of our specialists is available to assist you with alternatives.

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