Hair Loss Solutions

Non-surgical Hair Replacement
for Men & Women

Living with Hair Loss?
Studies have shown that hair loss can be troubling for many men: some will not feel at ease in their relationships or may think they look older and less attractive, others may feel depressed.

Non-surgical hair replacement has come a long way from the toupee. Today’s replacement hair is light, comfortable and permanently attached to the scalp. The Liberty Program allows you to live in your hair, and have the most current hairstyles designed to make you look your best all the time.

One of our on-site specialists will be happy to assist you in determining the next steps for you based on your lifestyle and budget.

Causes of hair loss in men include:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia– a genetic and increased receptivity of the scalp to androgens which explains 95% of masculine hair loss
  • Seborrheic Hypersecretion– an imbalance of the sebaceous glands that cause a progressive thinning of hair
  • Stress, trauma, disease, infection, medications etc.

Women Lose their hair too.

We often hear about hair loss in men, but seldom do we hear about women’s hair loss—even though an increasing amount of women face hair thinning or hair loss problems. There are many causes of hair loss for women such as hormonal changes , stress, anxiety , autoimmune reactions—just to name a few.

We understand that hair loss can effect a woman’s confidence and self esteem and may even cause you to feel overwhelmed.

We care about your hair loss. Our specialists are trained to work with each individual and assess the best hair replacement option for you. We will guide you through the process of helping you select the hair choose a hair replacement (hair style and hair type) to enhance critical areas and preserve the existing hair.

Infinite: Microfollicular Hair Transplant

A Permanent Solution for Men & Women
Our all-inclusive 5-step program is designed to support you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your hair transplant. Our specialists will guide you through the process and show you how you will look after the procedure.

Please click here to download our Infinite online brochure to learn more about the Infinite program.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss if this is the right option for you please contact Caralyn’s today.

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