How to Prevent Winter Hair Damage

How to prevent winter hair damage

Winter is destroying your good hair days… one snowfall at a time. During the colder months of the year, the cold weather outside, combined with the warm temperatures inside, can cause breakage and split ends to your hair. This affects all types of hair during winter. However, we are here to help you through winter, so you can continue rocking your gorgeous mane of hair. We have provided some helpful tips you can follow to prevent winter hair damage this season.

Shampoo less often this winter

The cool, dry weather can cause your scalp to feel very itchy and to become flaky. It is highly recommended lightening up the amount of time you cleanse your hair with shampoo to prevent this from occurring.

Switch to an oil-based moisturizer this winter

Constantly exposing your hair to the cool dry air is not good for any type of hair. Whether your hair is natural, curly, wavy, relaxed or coiled, it is sensitive to cold weather. Cold weather contributes to your hair becoming more brittle and more exposed to breakage, split ends, and frizziness. We recommend using an oil-based moisturizer to add extra moisture to your hair with the combination of using less shampoo.

Commit to weekly treatments this winter

Cooler air also means no matter your hair texture, you should focus on seeing your hair stylist on a more frequent basis this winter. Your hair dries out during the winter from lack of moisture, which is why we recommend treatment therapy and good conditioners. Once a week, you should apply a good conditioner (preferably one recommended to you by your hair stylist) and let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes. The moisture from the conditioner helps repair the hair shaft.

Limit your use of heat-heavy styling tools this winter

The constant heat and dryness from styling tools will inevitably result in breakage and split ends for your hair. Use leave-in conditioners to help treat your hair and embrace your natural style more in the winter time. You can also try to use more styles that don’t involve heat tools such as; buns, braids, twists, and ponytails.

Never go outside with damp hair this winter

Although we are always busy in the mornings, it is actually critical to dry your hair before exposing it to the cold. It all comes down to basic science – anything that is cold expands, and that’s what will happen to your wet hair shaft in the cold weather. When hair expands, you are at a higher risk for hair breakage. It may also contribute to your hair colour fading quicker than normal. Take your time to make sure your hair is dry in the morning before leaving for work – your hair and wallet will thank you!

These tips are an easy way for you to maintain healthier and happier hair and reduce winter hair damage this season. Take care and moisturize your hair like you do your skin during the colder months. At Caralyn’s, we are happy to help all of our clients with all of their hair needs. We look forward to seeing you for your next hair treatment!