Summer Hair Care

The grass is green, the sun is beaming, and the pools and patios are packed; summer has officially arrived!  However, this change in weather does affect your hair. It is now facing new challenges such as sun exposure, chlorine, salt water, and excess sweat that lead to dryness, breakage, colour fading, and frizz. The key to sustaining healthy and luxurious hair all summer long is protection. “Hair could be compared to a beautiful piece of fruit, having an outside ‘skin’ like the hair’s cuticle to protect it. Once the outside of either gets damaged, the inside loses its excellence,” says Kate Reid, editorial colourist and Design Director of COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy. “Colour, strength and moisture all get lost much faster as it has no protection.” Healthy tresses will never go out of style so we have compiled a guide to ensure your hair stays in top shape this season.

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Sun Protection

The UV rays dry out your hair, potentially shifting its colour and texture.  Sunburns can also occur on the scalp, causing dryness and damaged hair roots. In short, the sun has the same damaging effects on the hair as it does on your skin, so you must ensure both are well protected. No, we are not talking about spraying your hair with +30 Banana Boat sunscreen; we do however recommend applying hair product that contains UV filters to protect your hair from damage and fading. This can be in the form of a spray, gel, mouse, or cream formula. Wearing hats can also protect your strands as well as your face, ears, and scalp.

Adventure Protection

We want you to enjoy your summer adventures without ruining your hair! Sweat and dust increase hair problems like dandruff and split ends, so start the summer right with a fresh cut and continue with regular trims. You can book a trim every 2-4 weeks.

Furthermore, you will most likely be washing your hair more often due to the summer sweat and grime. To fully cleanse your scalp of buildup, wash your hair with a clarifying, anti-residue shampoo once a week. Make sure to pair the cleansing shampoo with a deep conditioner to protect from over-drying.

Heat Protection

Heat is a common cause of major hair damage. Hot weather and extra sun exposure warm the hair follicles, leading to dryness and breakage. To protect your hair from overheating, try to style your hair using minimal hot tools such as blow dryers, curling wands, and flat irons. Instead, opt to wear creative up-dos or putting your damp hair in a bun, braid or twist before going to bed to get the perfect beach wave.

Water Protection

Nothing is more satisfying than diving into the deep end of the pool or running into the ocean on a beach vacay.  However, chlorine does strip your hair of its natural oils caused by copper molecules and pool chemicals binding to the protein of the hair shaft. These chemicals can create a greenish tint to blondes and dry your hair as well. The salt in the ocean water draws water out of the skin and hair, promoting dryness.

To prevent this damage, try to wash and condition your hair after a dip and apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair before and after the water.

Caralyn’s can help you with equipping your hair with the proper protection tools such as leave-in conditioners, cleansing shampoos, a fresh new trim and much more! Book an appointment on the website by clicking here or by calling 613-224-7206 today.