Carmen joined Caralyn’s Hair team in 2015 where her passion for hair loss and scalp diseases started.  In 2019, she began her trichology certification at the world renowned and recognized by leading dermatologists in hair research, IAT (International Association of Trichologists)

Carmen is always researching new and effective products and latest treatments to better help her clients and that lead to her collaboration with Rene Furterer, a division of Pierre Fabre laboratories in France.

She works closely with both doctors and naturopathic doctors.  It can be overwhelming for new clients taking in all the new information and as a qualified scalp specialist, Carmen provides additional support to her clients by clarifying any further questions they may have after their consult, detailing complimentary options available.  Her approach is all about making her clients feel safe and supported.

Her goal is to unite dermatologists, trichologists, and hairdressers to truly make a difference to everyone’s lives who are suffering from hair and scalp conditions.