Blonde hair being coloured.


Caralyn's culture statement

Attitude. We understand that a positive attitude every day will empower ourselves and those around us promoting creativity and energy instead of allowing negativity to drain us. We create an atmosphere that is enjoyable and fun.

Honesty & Integrity. We believe in what we do and stand behind what we say and do for our customers. We are not afraid to ask questions and communicate if there are any potential problems.

Respect. We are committed to keeping the privacy and concerns of the men, women and children we see within our centre. We understand that all information is strictly confidential.

Customer Service. We strive to understand our clients and their needs to build strong relationships with them in order for us to guarantee persistence and satisfaction with every visit.

Dedication. We are loyal to each other and as a team as well as our clients, suppliers and the community we serve.

Leadership. We understand that in order to continue being leaders in the hair and hair loss industry we must continue to learn and share our knowledge with our team members in order to promote excellence. When we appreciate personal gain from leaders in our team we can achieve higher quality together.

Professionalism. We create and maintain a professional atmosphere; the way we dress, talk and act which lets us set the highest standards of service.

Careers at Caralyn's

Caralyn’s has been serving the women, men and children in the Ottawa area and beyond for over 20 years; providing solutions for hair loss, hair restoration and providing a full-service salon for those without hair issues.

If you feel like our centre is the right fit for you please contact us here: