Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you aren't able to find what you're looking for.

General FAQs

Updated: July 19th, 2022

With the changes to Ottawa Public Health Guidelines, you are not required to wear a mask in the salon; we have also relaxed our staff mask policy as well. However, we do understand that some may still want to wear a mask for the duration of their appointment so we will take our cues from you. 

If you come in wearing a mask, your stylist will be happy to wear one too. If you come in without a mask, we will assume you are comfortable if we are unmasked as well. With the exception of any appointment pertaining to wig consults for medical reasons where your service provider will wear a mask.

Please note, if you are experiencing any Covid-19 Symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive we ask that you reschedule your appointment. 

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Yes We Do!

Although we are well know for our hair loss services and wigs we welcome any and all hair types into our salon. Our staff are always on top of the latest techniques and trends. Check out our booking page to make your appointment.

Our pricing varies depending on your service and stylist.

Here is the link to our services page where you can find a more in depth breakdown of our pricing.

Your service price may change slightly if your service requires extra time or product above what was origionally included, however your stylist will communicate any changes prior to performing your service.

How Exciting! 

Once you are ready to book your donation, go to our online booking. Choose a "Style Change" and choose which stylist you would like to see. This is to ensure our stylists have enough time to provide you with the best service possible.

As always contact us if you have any further questions and our front desk administrative team will be happy to help!

Here at Caralyn’s we accept any and all donations, whether dropped off with our front desk team or if you choose to book an appointment with one of our skilled stylists. You can find more information from Hair Donation Ottawa and CHEO - click here.

We would like to clarify that any hair that is shorter than 12” is not eligible for wig making but will be donated to Green Circle Salons who will use the hair for their ecological efforts. Find more information - click here.

Wig and hair loss FAQs

Yes, we recommend booking an appointment for your wig consultation. 

You can fill out the form on the contact us page, send us an email directly to or call us at (613) 224-7206.

Yes! There are several options available other than a wig. Our specialists are trained to assess your needs and provide the best solution for you.

After our specialists customise the wig to your head it is unlikely that it will fall off during normal wear. If you find your wig to feel as though it is falling off please contact us and we will find a solution. Wigs are fabricated to sit properly on your head and sometimes additionally need the aid of a wig liner or adjustments for added comfort and/or grip.

Swimming with your wig on may cause it to fall off and will compromise the integrity of the hair. If it happens by accident bring your wig in to be washed and treated by one of our professionals.

Man-made fibres or synthetic fibres can not be styled with regular hot tools so we do not recommend attempting to curl your own synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are designed to maintain their original shape. If you would like to style your synthetic wig differently than it originally was contact us to make an appointment to discuss your options. 

No, your hair will continue to grow under your wig. Hair grows out of a follicle that is below the skin surface which is fed from your bloodstream; therefore a wig will not stop your hair from growing. If you are having trouble regrowing your hair we recommend making an appointment with Carmen to discuss treatment options.

We tell our clients to expect to wear their wig for 9-12 months. It is slow-growing hair as the chemicals are still in the body. We also recommend using our Trichologist approved chemo kit to maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth during and after treatment.

Often your new hair has a soft uncut edge that curls. Once the hair matures and is trimmed, your hair will usually return to its original state. It is impossible to know exactly how your hair will return; sometimes it may grow in with less density than before and sometimes even a different colour.

The hair on your scalp will fall first. Eyebrows and eyelashes thin during treatment but not everyone will lose all of them. If you do lose your eyebrows one of our specialists is available to assist you with alternatives.